Crestcare Diagnostics - Transforming the Landscape: Securing Strategic Partnerships with Industry Giants


Crestcare Diagnostics, a NABL approved laboratory established in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, faced the need for an association with a larger brand. Despite the founders’ success in establishing the business without prior experience in the diagnostics industry, they recognized the importance of partnering with a bigger brand to further expand their reach and solidify their position in the market. Seeking guidance and expertise, they approached me through a mutual connection.


Understanding the founders’ vision and the need for a strategic partnership, I devised a targeted campaign to connect Crestcare Diagnostics with the top players in the industry. Leveraging my extensive network and expertise in strategic outreach, I launched an outreach campaign targeting renowned companies such as Metropolis, Redcliffe, Core Diagnostics, Vijaya Diagnostics, Manipal Healthcare, and many others. The goal was to establish meaningful connections and secure a valuable partnership for Crestcare Diagnostics.


Through strategic networking and persistent effort, the collaboration with Crestcare Diagnostics yielded remarkable outcomes:

Establishing Connections with Industry Giants: Within just a month of launching the campaign, I successfully connected the founders of Crestcare Diagnostics with the top 20 players in the diagnostics industry. These connections included the top executives and decision-makers of prominent companies such as Metropolis, Redcliffe, Core Diagnostics, Vijaya Diagnostics, Manipal Healthcare, and more. These meetings provided invaluable opportunities for the founders to present their vision, capabilities, and explore potential collaborations.

Goal Accomplished: Strategic Partnership: As a result of the connections made through the campaign, Crestcare Diagnostics accomplished their goal of partnering with a larger brand. This strategic partnership provided them with enhanced market visibility, credibility, and resources to further grow their business and expand their reach. The collaboration opened doors to new opportunities and positioned Crestcare Diagnostics as a key player in the diagnostics industry.

Key Factors for Success

Several key factors contributed to the success of the campaign:

Targeted Campaign Strategy: The campaign was meticulously designed to target the top players in the diagnostics industry, ensuring that Crestcare Diagnostics connected with the most influential decision-makers. This precise targeting maximized the potential for valuable partnerships.

Strategic Networking and Outreach: Leveraging an extensive network and expertise in strategic outreach, I established connections between Crestcare Diagnostics and industry giants. These connections were facilitated by leveraging mutual contacts and personalized outreach to key decision-makers.

Building Trust and Credibility: By presenting Crestcare Diagnostics’ unique value proposition and capabilities, I built trust and credibility with the industry giants. The founders’ meetings with top executives further reinforced Crestcare Diagnostics’ credibility, ultimately leading to the successful partnership.


Through targeted outreach, strategic networking, and persistent effort, I successfully facilitated Crestcare Diagnostics in achieving their goal of partnering with a larger brand. By connecting the founders with the top players in the diagnostics industry, Crestcare Diagnostics gained enhanced market visibility and credibility. The strategic partnership positioned them for further growth and expansion, solidifying their place in the industry. The ongoing gesture of gratitude from the founders is a testament to the success and impact of the collaboration.

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